What We Stand For

We’re all connected through community. Your medical care is only as good as your doctor, and the medicine you use as treatment. As a part of the Illinois community, our goal is to bring the best quality medical marijuana to Illinois patients, and to do it in a way that benefits our neighbors.

Our products undergo rigorous testing between cultivation and delivery to your dispensary. Through our testing, we demystify the active ingredients that vary between each batch and cultivar, so you can pick the right product for your needs, every time.

Supporting the Community

We believe health starts at home—and that means collaborating with our neighbors to make the community as good as it can be.

Our farm operates in the Chicago Metropolitan Area. We are one of two cultivators granted a licence to grow medical marijuana within Cook county, and we don’t take the responsibility lightly.

Strict security measures help keep our facility running smoothly with minimal risk to the surrounding communities. Our security safeguards are reinforced by a close relationship with local police departments, and meet all state- and village-mandated security requirements.

In addition, a portion of our proceeds will be funneled back into local communities to support Illinois programs, local events and village infrastructure. So when you pursue relief with our products, you benefit not just your health—but the health of the entire community.